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“Small woodworking shops comprise a talented community of dedicated craftspeople committed to building beautiful, functioning objects for their clients and making a living in the process. How many people do you know who love what they do? I feel so blessed.” Marcy Pesner

Founded in 1986 by Marcy Pesner, Beagle Tiles used reclaimed ash from set designs to make custom wood tiles for wall paneling and inlay crown moldings. Over time, the business expanded to custom cabinets and free-standing furniture. In 2000, she took the company from a small studio operation to a full-scale wood working company. Hiring those who had a love for woodworking and an eagerness to be trained further she developed a small but dedicated team of craftsman.

In 2008 Marcy changed the name of the business to Beagle & Potts Woodworking so that potential clients would identify us as a woodworking company and not just a wood tile company.

The same year she hired Robert Pettit. At first trained to do the drawings and design work, he quickly moved up through the ranks, taking field measurements, creating shop drawings, cutting, assembling, finishing, installing, and building client relationships. The two worked closely together over the next three years.

In the spring of 2011, Marcy retired and sold BPW to Rob, who later moved the business to a new location with updated and more sophisticated machinery.

Today, Rob continues to carry the torch of Marcy's legacy. He and his team are dedicated to respecting and surpassing their clients' needs, by delivering beautiful, functional one-of-a-kind projects for their homes.


Beagle & Potts Woodworking
465 Baltic St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217